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Picking up on some of the themes of the 2014 ASHRM conference, RIMS president Carolyn Snow offers her views on risk management today.

As president of RIMS 2014, I have been fortunate to travel extensively representing the society. I spoke at RIMS’ conferences in Japan, Colorado, Florida, Canada and Australia, as well as other risk management events in Vermont and Bermuda. 
One thing I found that risk professionals have in common is the value we bring to our organizations, our business partners and most importantly to our customers, patients and members.

We often talk about emerging risks. While we’re busy tending to the risks that impact our organizations now, there is always that fear that we are not doing enough to prepare for those issues that have yet to manifest themselves. And, are the tools and resources we use now sufficient? Will they help us predict and test for potential risks?

We’re all looking for insight on what lies ahead. What challenges are our colleagues at other organizations experiencing? And, could those challenges be ours in the future?

I learned early in my risk management career that you can’t do risk management sitting behind your desk. It is important to be visible, meet people, share ideas and best practices and work together to enhance your knowledge, your effectiveness and your value. What better way to learn than to attend conferences with other leading risk professionals?

There is no question that risk professionals are taking on a more strategic role within their organizations. And, senior leadership is expecting a lot more from their risk managers. It’s no longer enough for us just to steer our organizations through those daily, recurring risks.

The great news is that with resources from RIMS, ASHRM and other risk management organizations, risk professionals are better prepared to identify those uncertainties and help their organizations leverage them into valuable opportunities. Risk professionals have helped organizations turn an important corner that now has them thinking about risk in a whole new light.

I tell young risk professionals and college students that risk management is the best career ever in terms of working with professionals at all levels of the organization, from all departments on projects that have a direct impact on the organization’s ability to achieve its strategic goals. No two days are the same. This profession will keep you on your toes. It is very challenging, super-exciting and a whole lot of fun.

During a time when finding employment remains a huge challenge for recent graduates, many university risk management job placement programs have a nearly 90 percent success rate—proving, once again, the abundance of opportunities this industry continues to offer. As seasoned professionals, it’s our responsibility to highlight these opportunities and mentor the next generation of risk management leaders to ensure this profession continues to thrive.

Enjoy your relationship with ASHRM. Take advantage of its educational programming, ask questions, participate in discussions and, most importantly, make new connections. I wish you all much continued success.

Carolyn M. Snow, CPCU

RIMS 2014 President

Director, Risk Management for Humana Inc



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