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Beyond buying insurance

US12-12-2016Data Analytics, Healthcare, Patient-Generated Health Data, Technology

Taking a holistic, business-focused approach to enterprise risk management can reap dividends, writes Frank Strenk, senior vice president Risk Management Services for Lockton.

The route to successful ERM

US12-12-2016Data Analytics, Healthcare, Patient-Generated Health Data

How can you make the most of enterprise risk management? Ken Felton, National Health Care Practice, Willis Towers Watson and Elizabeth Osgood, Strategic Risk Consulting, Willis Towers Watson, outline the keys to an effective ERM approach for your hospital/health system.

Beyond risk identification

US12-12-2016Data Analytics, Healthcare, Patient-Generated Health Data, Technology

In today’s environment, enterprise risk management programs need to evolve to deliver value. Terry Puchley, PwC risk assurance health industries leader, Stephen Zawoyski, PwC risk assurance enterprise risk management leader and Chris Toppi, PwC risk assurance director explore how this can be achieved.

The power of ERM

US12-12-2016Data Analytics, Healthcare, Technology

With enterprise risk management now a key initiative for many US hospitals, Michelle Foster Earle, president of OmniSure Consulting Group, explores how it can enhance strategic decisions.

Leading the field

US12-12-2016Data Analytics, Healthcare, Patient-Generated Health Data

What makes an enterprise risk management program truly effective? Steven Minsky, CEO of LogicManager and author of the RIMS Risk Maturity Model, outlines the top five characteristics of leading healthcare ERM programs.

Building with care


How can you best manage the complex risks that accompany healthcare construction projects? HRMR reports on a new advisory from ACE Group that has plenty of answers.

Playing it safe

US12-10-2016Patient-Generated Health Data

How does a healthcare organization pursuing high reliability respond to a sentinel event? Mark Chassin, president and CEO of The Joint Commission, shared his insights with HRMR.

Getting it right

US12-10-2016Data Analytics, Patient-Generated Health Data

Wrong-site, wrong-patient and wrong-procedure events remain a perennial problem in US healthcare. Fay Rozovsky, president of the Rozovsky Group, outlines an enterprise risk management response plan.

Forewarned is forearmed

US12-10-2016Patient-Generated Health Data

Will you know Zika when you see it? Debra Cooper, senior risk specialist for Coverys, outlines how to prepare for patient safety.

Being prepared for Ebola

US12-10-2016Medical malpractice

How does a large physician group prepare for a crisis such as Ebola? Tatum K O'Sullivan, director of ambulatory risk and patient safety at North Shore Physicians Group in Peabody, Massachusetts, gives a personal account of the experience that helped her continue to develop and grow as a risk manager.

Showing 1 to 10 of 42 results