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Medicinal cannabis: why the healthcare sector cannot ignore it


Legalized medical marijuana should not be ignored, say Robert Hoban and Daphne Hamilton of law firm Hoban & Feola. Here they explain why an understanding of the risks and researched benefits is increasingly necessary within healthcare.

Knowledge is power


Tracy Melina’s role at Coverys entails not just helping risk managers deal with existing challenges, but also giving them the knowledge to stay ahead of the game, as she explained to HRMR.

Helping an evolving profession


This year’s ASHRM president, Ann Gaffey is looking forward to helping the profession move forward, providing advice and resources to assist risk managers in their evolving roles. HRMR reports.

Stronger together


Joining a group captive can be a rewarding decision, but is not one to be entered into lightly, says Brenda Pickering of USA Risk Group in the British Virgin Islands.

Providing certainty amid change


The current trend for mergers and acquisitions in healthcare creates a number of challenges for risk managers which the insurance industry can be instrumental in solving, says Nancy McMahon, president and CEO of Sapphire Blue.

Telemedicine: a prescription for growth?


A combination of evolving technologies plus new vendors in the market has made virtual doctor visits available to consumers nationwide. Mark Rodrigues and Scott Behrens of Lockton report on this growing trend.

An innovative approach to risk transfer


Post-ACA healthcare organizations have become increasingly focused on the areas that can have the greatest impact on reimbursement and operating costs. Brant Roth, vice president, business development, The Sullivan Group, explains the role re/insurers can play in maximizing both risk management efficiency and patient care.

Adapting to thrive


Life as a CFO can be challenging—especially in the current environment of healthcare reform. Patrick Gerveler, CFO of Blessing Health System in Illinois, tells HRMR how he is helping his system remain competitive and viable, and why clear communication with the risk management department is vital to success.

Gaining ground by saving lives


Children’s Hospitals’ Solutions for Patient Safety is a massive collaborative effort among children’s hospitals to transform pediatric patient safety by eliminating serious harm. President Nick Lashutka told HRMR what the network has achieved so far.

When is it too late for consent?


Is it ever possible to obtain the consent of a patient who has received preoperative medication, and what are the possible repercussions? Fay A. Rozovsky, president of The Rozovsky Group examines the questions.

Showing 21 to 30 of 76 results