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Rising rates


Spoilt for choice


The Affordable Care Act has accelerated demand for captives among healthcare organizations in the US—and a growing number of states are now offering themselves as domiciles. HRMR asks what makes captives attractive, and whether all domiciles are equal.

Moving with the times


What will the Affordable Care Act mean for medical professional liability? HRMR examines the current situation and looks to the future.

The price of terror


Since the attacks of September 2001 the threat of terrorism has been taken very seriously in the US, with the majority of hospitals taking out terrorism insurance cover. In December next year the government backstop for terrorism coverage, originally enacted in 2002, comes up for review. HRMR asks what effect this will have on hospitals’ insurance.

The importance of saying "sorry"


It is sometimes said that the hardest things to do reap the most benefit. Is this true for the practice of apology and disclosure in healthcare? And if so, to whom do the benefits accrue? Pamela Popp, executive vice president/chief risk officer for Western Litigation, offers her perspective.

Critical challenges to measurable results


As the healthcare industry is increasingly faced with regulatory changes and widening risk exposure, the manner in which such risk is dealt with is requiring new tactics and tools. Bonnie Clark of Delphi Technology discusses the innovations being used to respond to this rapidly developing environment.

Digging deep


How safe is your patients’ PHI once it gets into the hands of business associates? It may not be enough to know that they are HIPAA-compliant. Here, experts discuss why it is important to dig deep when examining what happens to healthcare data.

A captive audience


Like a growing number of healthcare systems, Cape Fear Valley Health covers its professional and general liability risks with a captive. CEO Mike Nagowski spoke to HRMR about the challenges and benefits of this solution.

Moving goalposts

US07-08-2013Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice claims are increasing in severity and recent healthcare reforms have only complicated matters. HRMR asks how to keep claims to a minimum—and how to ensure your organization is adequately covered.

Showing 61 to 70 of 76 results