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Getting it right

US12-10-2016Data Analytics, Patient-Generated Health Data

Wrong-site, wrong-patient and wrong-procedure events remain a perennial problem in US healthcare. Fay Rozovsky, president of the Rozovsky Group, outlines an enterprise risk management response plan.

Getting ahead

US26-09-2016Medical malpractice, Patient-Generated Health Data

ASHRM’s new president, Mike Midgley, has a long career in the field of healthcare risk management behind him—and ASHRM membership has helped him every step of the way. He told HRMR how he will take the organisation forward into 2017.

Planning for life-long care

US26-09-2016Patient-Generated Health Data

Informed consent, advanced care planning, and shared decision-making are all ways of managing risks, improving communication, and enhancing patient satisfaction. Barbara Youngberg of Beecher Carlson reports.

Concurrent (overlapping) surgery: addressing the risks

US26-09-2016Patient-Generated Health Data

Hospitals are re-examining their surgical and risk management policies in relation to overlapping surgery, as Kathleen Shostek, vice president of healthcare risk management at Sedgwick, describes.

Turning risk into opportunity in the new health economy

US26-09-2016Data Analytics, Patient-Generated Health Data

There are ways to boost risk management effectiveness to meet the demands of today’s fast-changing healthcare market. Terry Puchley, risk assurance health industries leader at PwC, reports.

Saving lives by working together

US26-09-2016Data Analytics, Patient-Generated Health Data

Children’s Hospital Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) began as a partnership with the goal of improving the quality of care delivered to children in Ohio and reducing overall healthcare costs, as Nick Lashutka, SPS president explains.

Avoiding the three “Ws”

US26-09-2016Patient-Generated Health Data

Great progress has been made towards improving patient safety but further work, including applying lessons learned from other high-risk disciplines, will continue to improve the quality of care and decrease the potential for serious medical errors such as wrong-site surgery, says Amanda Budak, vice president of clinical operations, OmniSure Consulting Group.

Track ‘impending badness’ to minimize clinical and financial risk

US04-08-2016Patient-Generated Health Data

Good post-discharge follow-up and personalized care will both help to increase satisfaction and reduce damaging lawsuits, says Kathleen Schmelka of Elmhurst Emergency Medical Services.

Inform and educate


How can a health system make best use of its quality and safety data? Johns Hopkins Medicine has gone further than most with the help of two dashboards—one for sharing the data internally and the other for sharing it with consumers. HRMR reports.

Looking to the future


From miniature pacemakers to cybersecurity, healthcare in 2016 will be characterized by a host of important technological advances. HRMR rounds up some of the insights from ECRI Institute’s new report on the subject.

Showing 11 to 20 of 48 results