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Managing the risks of mobile health devices


Risk managers and compliance professionals need to find a way to allow mobile device use in a manner that enhances productivity while, at the same time, securing the data being shared and ensuring the risks do not outweigh the benefits. Barbara Youngberg of Beecher Carlson investigates.

Telemedicine: a prescription for growth?


A combination of evolving technologies plus new vendors in the market has made virtual doctor visits available to consumers nationwide. Mark Rodrigues and Scott Behrens of Lockton report on this growing trend.

Playing catch-up


Why is cyber security in US healthcare in such a poor state? HRMR explores the causes, the consequences —and the best solutions.

Countering the threat from cyber attackers


Trustwave’s new report on cybersecurity in healthcare highlights some worrying weaknesses and misconceptions, but it also points the way forward with tips for improving healthcare cybersecurity. HRMR reports.

Improving patient safety with technology


The epidemic of patient harm in hospitals needs to be taken seriously if it is to be stopped, and risk management systems are an essential part of the solution, as Brian Stromberg, healthcare sales executive, and David McElroy, director, healthcare practice at Riskonnect, explain to HRMR.

Risk management across the enterprise

Europe, US22-06-2015

Timely and secure access to actionable data via a mobile risk management system is now as important for a healthcare risk manager as it is for a treating physician, say David McElroy and Brian Stromberg of Riskonnect.

Reducing losses: analyzing recent trends


Hospital benchmarking can be a valuable tool for reducing workers’ compensation losses, Kevin Gabhart, managing director of Beecher Carlson, reports on the findings of the company’s 2014 Hospital Workers’ Compensation Benchmark Study.

Manage the media, minimize the damage


Many medical facilities and healthcare providers are ill-prepared to deal with a potential onslaught of media during or following a crisis, says Michelle Foster Earle, president of OmniSure Consulting Group.

Lessons from a massive attack


In early February US health insurer Anthem announced that it has been the victim of a huge hacking attack, with possibly millions of people’s personal information compromised. What lessons can healthcare risk managers take from this breach? HRMR investigates.

Facing the challenges ahead


Welcome to the annual print edition of Healthcare Risk Management Review, released to coincide with ASHRM’s 2014 conference but designed to look ahead to the issues likely to affect the industry in 2015.

Showing 21 to 30 of 48 results