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Right patient, right drug


Wrong-patient medication errors can occur at any phase of the medication-use process. HRMR reports on a study that shows how implementing safety strategies at all nodes can help to ensure that the correct patient receives the correct treatment.

Spoilt for choice


The Affordable Care Act has accelerated demand for captives among healthcare organizations in the US—and a growing number of states are now offering themselves as domiciles. HRMR asks what makes captives attractive, and whether all domiciles are equal.

Switching smoothly


As the date for switching to ICD-10 coding approaches, HRMR asks how the change will affect healthcare and what a risk manager needs to know about the transition.

Moving with the times


What will the Affordable Care Act mean for medical professional liability? HRMR examines the current situation and looks to the future.

The top 10 issues facing hospitals


Riding the wave of healthcare reform, hospitals will face a period of rapid change in 2014. HRMR examines some of the key issues they will be addressing.

A clean sweep


With the advent of drug-resistant bacteria, hospital-acquired infections are a growing threat to patient safety. They can also result in costly lawsuits. What is the best way to fight the problem? HRMR investigates.

Promoting safety


Is your OSHA program discriminatory? Michael Davis, senior vice president, risk control services for Lockton, Dr Mary Reaston, president-founder, Emerge Diagnostics, and risk management consultant Dave Keyser explain how you can counter false claims and unsafe behaviors through non-discriminatory and integrated risk management programs.

Whose responsibility?

29-11-2013Medical malpractice

Where does a hospital’s power or responsibility to detain a patient begin and end? HRMR examines a recent court case that tested the extent of a hospital’s responsibility towards intoxicated patients.

The value of looking back


When the immediate demands of a crisis situation have been dealt with there is still much for a risk manager to do. HRMR asked two experts how to make the best of a bad situation.

Driving the culture of safety


Linking with a Patient Safety Organization is a way to drive up safety not only in your own organization but in other organizations too, by reporting errors without fear of legal repercussions. HRMR investigates.

Showing 171 to 180 of 239 results