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The price of terror


Since the attacks of September 2001 the threat of terrorism has been taken very seriously in the US, with the majority of hospitals taking out terrorism insurance cover. In December next year the government backstop for terrorism coverage, originally enacted in 2002, comes up for review. HRMR asks what effect this will have on hospitals’ insurance.

The importance of saying "sorry"


It is sometimes said that the hardest things to do reap the most benefit. Is this true for the practice of apology and disclosure in healthcare? And if so, to whom do the benefits accrue? Pamela Popp, executive vice president/chief risk officer for Western Litigation, offers her perspective.

Thinking Safe


Joyce Lahue, director of risk management for Baptist Health System in San Antonio, Texas, and president of the South Texas Society for Healthcare Risk Management, has helped drive a reduction in safety events at her hospital system. She tells HRMR how this was accomplished.

Reaching zero


Kathy Evans, director of risk management at Paradise Valley Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona and treasurer of the Arizona Society for Healthcare Risk Management, has helped to slash safety events at her hospital, achieving 18 months and counting without a serious safety event. She told HRMR why she has found her niche.

Managing the risk of drug diversion


The case in New Hampshire of a technician stealing drugs and infecting patients with hepatitis C in the process, has placed the issue of drug diversion in the forefront of many risk managers’ minds. Here, Michelle Foster Earle, president of the OmniSure Consulting Group, offers her advice and insights on the topic.

Under attack: data as the new target


As new research shows that companies now rank data breaches as a more serious risk than natural disasters, HRMR asks why the threat is so great and what can be done about it.

Critical challenges to measurable results


As the healthcare industry is increasingly faced with regulatory changes and widening risk exposure, the manner in which such risk is dealt with is requiring new tactics and tools. Bonnie Clark of Delphi Technology discusses the innovations being used to respond to this rapidly developing environment.

Healthcare workers top injury stakes


A new study by consumer advocacy organization Public Citizen has exposed the frequency and severity of workplace illness and injury suffered by healthcare workers each year. HRMR asks what can be learned from these findings.

Obamacare: change afoot


Over three years since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law and with new provisions steadily becoming effective, HRMR asks how the insurance and reinsurance industry has responded to meet the challenges.

Drawing the line


Where does risk end and quality begin? As a chief quality officer who is also a licensed risk manager, Lynda Dilts-Benson is well placed to comment. She gave HRMR her perspective.

Showing 181 to 190 of 239 results