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Moving goalposts

US07-08-2013Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice claims are increasing in severity and recent healthcare reforms have only complicated matters. HRMR asks how to keep claims to a minimum—and how to ensure your organization is adequately covered.

Making a difference


For Angie King, president of the Georgia Society of Healthcare Risk Management, risk management is about more than responding to adverse events. She spoke to HRMR about why risk managers should also be educators, facilitators and excellent communicators—and why the role gives you the opportunity to really make a difference.

A changing role


From dealing with changes stemming from Obamacare to adopting an ERM approach, healthcare risk managers face new challenges and opportunities in 2013. HRMR spoke to Fay Rozovsky, president of the Rozovsky Group, about the changing nature of her work.

ERM: Aussie style


Valuable lessons can be learnt by looking beyond the US to examine the way healthcare risk management is tackled in other parts of the world. Petra Hyam, group director for risk, internal audit and productivity improvement for Epworth HealthCare in Australia, discusses with HRMR the challenges and opportunities she is currently facing.

calm in a crisis


With all the planning in the world, some crisis situations—from natural disasters to medical errors—cannot be avoided. It’s how you handle them that matters, writes HRMR.

A brave new world


How has the Affordable Care Act (ACA) changed the landscape for healthcare risk managers? William Lape from R&Q Solutions suggests that captive insurance is the perfect fit for the fragile and as yet unproven model of ACOs.

High reliability healthcare


If the healthcare industry were to adopt the characteristics and methodologies of other dangerous industries, could reliability be improved? Dr Dan Cohen from Datix offers a personal perspective.

Informed consent, Wisconsin style


Are you meeting the ‘reasonable patient’ standard? Nancy Lamo from Lockton Companies discusses the importance of helping patients make informed decisions.

Keeping pace with HIPPA


Does your organization meet the requirements laid out in the HIPAA/HITECH omnibus final rule? Bob Parisi from Marsh gives his view on the new rules, their impact on healthcare organizations, and cyber risks in general.

The risks around data breaches:the danger and pitfalls


The risks associated with failing to notify individuals affected by data breaches are set to rise for healthcare providers, says Katherine Keefe from Beazley Breach Response Services.

Showing 211 to 220 of 239 results