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Turning risk into opportunity in the new health economy

US26-09-2016Data Analytics, Patient-Generated Health Data

There are ways to boost risk management effectiveness to meet the demands of today’s fast-changing healthcare market. Terry Puchley, risk assurance health industries leader at PwC, reports.

Concurrent (overlapping) surgery: addressing the risks

US26-09-2016Patient-Generated Health Data

Hospitals are re-examining their surgical and risk management policies in relation to overlapping surgery, as Kathleen Shostek, vice president of healthcare risk management at Sedgwick, describes.

Healthcare facilities at an increased risk of Legionnaires’

US26-09-2016Medical malpractice, Patient-Generated Health Data

Cases of Legionnaires’ disease are on the rise. A June 2016 Vital Signs report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found a nearly 300 percent increase in reported cases since 2000 in the US and Canada. Mike Egan of Lockton Companies reports.

21st century healthcare: the risks and solutions

US26-09-2016Data Analytics, M&A, Patient-Generated Health Data

Despite the clear benefits of the new healthcare delivery model, it also brings a set of new challenges and risks to healthcare institutions, including operational, financial and clinical risks. Wesly Guiteau, executive associate of Dubraski & Associates offers some solutions.

Track ‘impending badness’ to minimize clinical and financial risk

US04-08-2016Patient-Generated Health Data

Good post-discharge follow-up and personalized care will both help to increase satisfaction and reduce damaging lawsuits, says Kathleen Schmelka of Elmhurst Emergency Medical Services.

The risk management benefits of family-focused consent


When used effectively, involving family members in the consent process can help avoid challenges in treating patients with chronic ailments or multiple health issues, as Fay A. Rozovsky, president of The Rozovsky Group, explains.

Medicinal cannabis: why the healthcare sector cannot ignore it


Legalized medical marijuana should not be ignored, say Robert Hoban and Daphne Hamilton of law firm Hoban & Feola. Here they explain why an understanding of the risks and researched benefits is increasingly necessary within healthcare.

Leading the leaders


Dr Ronald Wyatt is a leader in the world of patient safety and in his new role as patient safety officer for The Joint Commission he aims to help leaders within healthcare organizations drive progress towards high reliability. He outlined his mission to HRMR.

The profile of claim-prone physicians

US29-02-2016Medical malpractice

A small number of doctors are linked to large numbers of malpractice claims, according to a new study—but what are the implications of these findings, and how do we view them in perspective? HRMR reports.

The importance of communication

US29-02-2016Medical malpractice

A new CRICO Strategies CBS report identifies malpractice risks in communication failures, which are a factor in 30 percent of all medical malpractice claims. What can we learn from this? HRMR investigates.

Showing 31 to 40 of 239 results