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United front critical in product liability cases

US25-07-2013Risk Management News

The recent deadly fungal meningitis outbreaks in the US, which were linked to steroid injections from one supplier, present an interesting dichotomy between the practice of products liability and medical malpractice.

Healthcare risk management week 2013

US25-07-2013Risk Management News

Next week, from June 17-21, Healthcare Risk Management Week 2013 will take place. The week aims to raise awareness about the importance of risk management and safety within healthcare environments.

Most data breaches motivated by financial gain

US25-07-2013IT and data security news, Risk Management News

Large-scale financial cybercrime and state-affiliated espionage dominated the cyber security landscape in 2012, according to a new report on data breaches, which warned that healthcare facilities should be especially vigilant around any form of data that contains financial information.

Risk managers and IT staff must communicate

US25-07-2013Risk Management News

Risk managers should be involved in the process of procuring IT systems and can learn a lot by visiting other hospitals and seeing different systems in action.

Social media can mitigate healthcare risks

US25-07-2013Risk Management News

A new report claims hospitals put both their patients and reputations at risk by ignoring social media.

The Hanover unveils expanded healthcare offering

25-07-2013Insurance News, Risk Management News

The Hanover Insurance Group has expanded its healthcare industry offering, providing solutions for rapidly growing areas of the healthcare industry, including allied healthcare centers and home healthcare and medical equipment.

Healthcare staff safety challenges are unacceptable

US24-07-2013Risk Management News

Many healthcare staff are denied the basic precondition of a workplace that protects their physical and psychological safety, according to a new report.

New apps target healthcare providers

US24-07-2013IT and data security news, Risk Management News

Ten new partner applications built on the Box software platform have been launched to address industry-specific information challenges including clinical documentation and interoperability.

Bariatric care triggers new safety issues

US24-07-2013Risk Management News

It is increasingly important for risk managers to ensure their organizations address the specific issues relating to the care of bariatric patients.

Patient portals mean additional risks

US24-07-2013IT and data security news, Risk Management News

One of the biggest challenges now facing healthcare providers seeking to qualify for the HITECH act’s meaningful use incentives is the issue of allowing patients access to their electronic medical records (EMRs).

Showing 1521 to 1530 of 1612 results