AAMI & ECRI Institute report addresses technology safety challenges


The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and ECRI Institute have joined forces in a first-of-its kind effort to help medical device and healthcare delivery executives identify and monitor trends related to technology safety issues.

In a new report, titled Executive Insights on Healthcare Technology Safety, AAMI and ECRI Institute identify and address five major safety-related issues: alarm systems, Luer connectors, cybersecurity, batteries, and recalls.

These issues were chosen after an evaluation of recalls, safety notices, complaints, adverse incident reports, US Food and Drug Administration priorities, and analyses of recurring problems identified by technology experts.

“As top executives at our respective organizations, we know just how difficult it is in a fast-paced environment to monitor and act on trends,” AAMI president Mary Logan said.

“Patient safety should be a top priority, and this report educates leaders about the types of questions they should ask to stay in front of any potential technology challenge.”

“The growing complexity of medical technology has actually triggered some new patient safety challenges,” commented Anthony Montagnolo, ECRI Institute’s executive vice president and chief operating officer.

“This report can help healthcare executives better understand where to focus their attention for maximum impact.”

The report summarizes each of the major safety issues, listing questions healthcare delivery and medical device executives should ask themselves.
A list of resources, many of which are free, accompanies each topic.

AAMI, ECRI Institute, US