AccelOne reports growing demand for HIT services from Argentina


AccelOne, a provider of customized software solutions, has reported a 200 percent year-over-year increase in healthcare companies interested in its software developers based in Argentina. 

It said this is a direct result of the rising need for cost-effective and secure IT and software outsourcing solutions in the US healthcare industry.

“Healthcare technology is at a new crossroads and the industry’s companies are experiencing an ‘arms race’ for more efficient systems, better patient communications and faster and safer care to stay competitive,” said Scott Craig, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) AccelOne. 

“More and more healthcare companies are realizing that they are at risk and cannot keep up with their service demands without utilizing the efficiencies of outsourcing to countries like Argentina, where we own and manage a custom software development center.”

Several recent high-profile data breaches in the health industry have occurred which have exposed the private information of millions of patients, underscoring the urgency for the need to accelerate the implementation of updated software programs and data security systems throughout the healthcare ecosystem. “Outsourcing is the only way our country’s healthcare organizations will even come close to addressing the magnitude of this need in the time frame that is needed for the transition to a better, more cost effective and more secure healthcare system,” added Craig.

Many of these data breaches originated from traditional outsourcing locations such as China and Eastern Europe (Russia), making US healthcare companies wary of utilizing development services in these regions.

“Argentina, unlike other outsourcing locations, is increasingly recognized for their high levels of data security, knowledge and understanding of the US healthcare industry and the requirements needed for this type of software and IT solutions development such as HL7, Meaningful Use, and HIPAA,” added Craig.

According to Craig, cost cutting is another reason for this uplift in business for AccelOne and their outsourcing healthcare software development options. 

“Good software developers are hard to find in the US. Developers are expensive and software development is not a core competency of most companies that exist throughout the healthcare industry and ecosystem - whether it be providers, insurers, pharma or medical devices.”


AccelOne, Scott Craig, US