ACE enhances operational risks coverage


ACE has enhanced its premises pollution liability (PPL) and premises pollution liability portfolio (PPL Port) insurance policies.

This will provide additional coverages for growing environmental day-to-day operational exposures faced by both domestic and multinational businesses.

Additionally, the enhanced coverages have been redesigned to accommodate industry-specific endorsements that provide specific coverage for healthcare, public and educational entities and US multinational businesses to address a variety of residential, commercial, retail and industrial risks.

The ACE USA environmental risk premises pollution liability policies serve stakeholders in residential, commercial, retail and industrial facilities. Insurance coverage is provided with limits up to $50 million and with a minimum premium of $10,000.

“As environmental exposures continue to challenge everyday business operations, we recognized the need to provide enhanced coverage to help protect against a wider range of potential risks such as catastrophic events, emergency response incidents, along with pollution liability resulting from transportation of materials and indoor environmental contaminants,” said Craig Richardson, senior vice president, ACE environmental risk.

“By consolidating our coverages into two products and offering industry-specific endorsements, ACE Environmental Risk can now provide clients with a better ease of understanding policy terms while addressing key industry-specific exposures quicker and more efficiently,” he added.

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