ACOs will need to transform business models


Many Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) will need to transform their business models if they are to enjoy sustainable success and cope with the rapid changes in the healthcare landscape in the US.

That was the conclusion of a report by TripleTree, an independent provider of research-driven merchant banking services, called ‘ACOs: The Accountable Care Opportunity’. The report comprised an assessment on risk shift and the broader impact of payer-provider collaboration in healthcare.

The term Accountable Care Organizations was first coined in 2006 to describe a concept formally launched only in 2012. But the growth in the number of ACOs in that time has been astounding. This report provides context and insight into what is enabling these organizational transitions, what the opportunity for ACOs really is, and which healthcare vendors are building businesses best-positioned to share in this new market.

“As risk shifts in the healthcare industry, we are seeing many different models of accountable care starting to take hold. In order for ACOs and other models to find sustainable success in improving the cost and quality of care, many organizations will need to transform their business models and capabilities,” said Chris Hoffmann, chief marketing officer at TripleTree.

“Focusing on the ACO opportunity was the approach our team took to illustrate these trends and the competencies organizations will need to build and enable the ACO.”


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