Acrisure acquires Northrim Benefits Group


Acrisure acquires Northrim Benefits Group

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Northrim BanCorp has sold its Northrim Benefits Group to Michigan-based Acrisure. The new company will be rebranded as RISQ Consulting.

Acrisure, a national insurance brokerage company selling insurance and risk management services, is the 12th-largest insurance agency in the US with more than 120 affiliated agencies. Northrim Benefits Group will be Acrisure’s second acquisition in the state after the company purchased Alaska USA Insurance Brokers Commercial Insurance and Employees Benefits in December 2016.

The move gives the new company a wider range of tools to help small, medium and large businesses manage their employee healthcare benefits programs, said Joshua Weinstein, president and employee benefits consultant at Northrim Benefits Group. It also gives access to greater options in risk management and workmen’s compensation, the full suite of required insurances for companies to operate.

“With our strategic partnership and expansion into employer services over the last year, and our new holistic approach to how risk is identified and managed, we feel this new brand is a better reflection of the products and services that we will provide,” said Weinstein. “You will receive consulting and support from the same individuals you know today, and our office location and phone number remain unchanged.”

RISQ Consulting will be also able to assist with the sales and service of business insurance that isn’t part of an employee benefit plan such as property and casualty coverage, surety and bonding.

“We purchased our ownership in Northrim Benefits Group in 2005 to provide additional financial services to our growing customer base,” said Northrim BanCorp President and CEO Joe Schierhorn.

“Today, we believe there are benefits for Northrim Benefits Group to align with Acrisure, as the health insurance industry continues to evolve.”

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