Aetna and Novo Nordisk to join patient advocacy group


Aetna and Novo Nordisk to join patient advocacy group


Aetna, a provider of health insurance services, and healthcare company Novo Disk have joined a partnership of patient advocacy groups as inaugural allied members.

The partnership, Partners for Better Care, has accepted the two companies to join the coalition’s 13 patient member organizations in meeting with 2016 presidential candidates, legislators and regulators to ensure that the patient voice plays an active role in the next generation of health care reform.

Partners for Better Care, a partnership of patient advocacy groups representing more than 100 million individuals living with chronic conditions nationwide, today announced Aetna and Novo Nordisk have joined the coalition as the partnership's inaugural allied members.

Allied members of Partners for Better Care are healthcare industry entities who support the principles of the coalition.

Aetna and Novo Nordisk enter the coalition at a time when it's advocating a bipartisan Patient Charter to policy makers and political leaders.

The Charter, released in February 2016, was crafted by patients, for patients, with the intention to make health care more accessible, affordable, transparent and culturally competent.

According to the partnership, the coalition will also engage federal and state government entities and work with patients to share their stories with media, ultimately raising awareness of the need for patient-centered health system reform.

"Today, the health care system presents patients with more challenges than solutions," said Fran Soistman, executive vice president of government services at Aetna. "That's why we are committed to working with the Partners for Better Care coalition toward meaningful reform. Together we can advocate for real, lasting change and better health outcomes for all."

Steve Noyes, vice president of public affair at Novo Nordisk, added:  "Empowering patients across the health care spectrum is absolutely vital to ensure access and care improves in the United States, which is why we've supported this movement from the beginning and are excited to join Partners for Better Care as an allied member.

"Our involvement, and the future involvement of other healthcare industry entities, will bring an important voice to this growing issue."

Mary Richards, executive director of Partners for Better Care, commented: “"We realize there is strength in numbers. With Aetna and Novo Nordisk, as well as other key players in the US health system, we're going to find comprehensive solutions to the issues that patients face today."

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