Aetna partners on global healthcare scheme


Aetna, the US healthcare solutions company, has partnered with One Hundred Years, a new global private client health management service in the UK, to offer a global health programme that combines One Hundred Years’ private health advisory service with global insurance coverage.

Launched in the UK earlier this year, One Hundred Years provides clients with a range of health management services. The company says that a dedicated personal health advisory team helps executives and high achievers reach their health and lifestyle goals by developing their health strategies and managing their healthcare needs.

One Hundred Years’ programme, ‘Health Plan 001,’ offers a range of client services along with Aetna’s international healthcare benefits. Clients will have priority access to top specialists and medical centres of excellence, and also benefit from Aetna’s worldwide direct-settlement network of more than 100,000 clinics, hospitals and other health care providers.

Virgil Bretz, co-founder and CEO of One Hundred Years, said: “Our health management model is akin to the best examples in wealth management. By collaborating with Aetna, an industry leader in both US and international health care benefits, we are underlining our global commitment to serve our clients wherever they happen to be in the world. Aetna’s reputation for excellence and customer focus enhances our mission to protect and optimise the health of our clients."

David Healy, Aetna International’s general manager, Europe, said: “One Hundred Years has established a personalised service model to manage its members’ health and well-being that aligns closely with Aetna’s focus on empowering people to live healthier lives. We are pleased to support their clients by insuring the access they have to world-leading advice and treatment.”

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