Aetna pulling out of Nebraska market shows "Obamacare is crumbling"


Aetna pulling out of Nebraska market shows

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Health insurer Aetna has recently announced its decision to withdraw from Delaware and the Nebraska health insurance exchange in 2018 where it had been selling Obamacare plans.

In response to the announcement, Steve Nelson, president of the Nebraska Farm Bureau, said in a statement: "The decision by Aetna to pull out of the Nebraska health insurance exchange further demonstrates Obamacare is crumbling under its flawed philosophy of removing free market concepts from our nation’s health insurance system.

"Nebraska's farm and ranch families, many of whom get their health insurance from either the health insurance exchange or the open market, are the ones who will pay the very high price of Obamacare's failures," he added.

Individuals with health insurance requirements in the region are now demanding a better system then Obamacare as uncertainty looms.

"Aetna’s departure leaves only one health insurance provider in the Nebraska exchange, and creates tremendous uncertainty for Nebraska farm and ranch families that find themselves with few "affordable" options Obamacare promised."

"While not perfect, the US House passed the American Health Care Act that at least serves as a starting point to begin the necessary process of repealing and replacing the many problematic pieces of Obamacare. Now it is time for the Senate to act. All Nebraskans deserve a better system than the one currently provided by Obamacare."

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