Aetna signs contract with Piedmont Healthcare


Aetna signs contract with Piedmont Healthcare


Aetna and Piedmont Healthcare have signed a new contract that will give Aetna members continued in-network access to all Piedmont facilities and more than 1,400 Piedmont Clinic physicians through February 28, 2019.

Piedmont Healthcare will participate in Aetna’s Institute of Excellence for adult liver, kidney and pancreas transplantation.

“Only hospitals that have met extensive quality and cost-effective criteria are selected by Aetna to participate in its Institutes of Excellence network. All of our members now have access to Piedmont Healthcare as a world-class transplant facility,” said Mary Foote, head of Institutes Programs at Aetna.

Angela Meoli, market president at Aetna, Georgia, said: “Our new contract is a testament to the strong, longstanding relationship we have with Piedmont Healthcare.

“We have worked together for many years in support of a common cause: ensuring access to high-quality care and improving health for members of the Greater Atlanta community.”

Kevin Brown, president and chief executive officer of Piedmont Healthcare, said: “By partnering with Aetna on this agreement, our patients and their family members win. Not only will they be able to maintain their relationships with the Piedmont physicians they know and trust, they can rest assured knowing they have access to high-quality care.”

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