Alignment Healthcare partners with General Atlantic


Alignment Healthcare, a new care coordination solution for population health management, has secured a $125 million commitment from global growth equity firm General Atlantic.

The financing will allow Alignment to fully expand its operational model, strengthen its service platforms, and initiate expansion into new markets across the country.

“With this investment, we are able to launch our partnerships with provider and payor organizations and realize our vision of delivering transformational ‘value-based care’ across the healthcare system,” said John Kao, chief executive officer of Alignment Healthcare.

“We believe this to be the inflection point where hospitals, doctors and health plans must align with each other to provide sustainable value to the consumer, and Alignment Healthcare is uniquely positioned to serve these stakeholders.”

As hospitals, doctors and health plans experience unsustainable downward pressure on reimbursements, Alignment Healthcare believes the solution is to eliminate waste by aligning financial incentives and coordinating care.

The company’s technology and integrated care coordination models aim to improve quality outcomes, while lowering cost and eliminating waste in the care system by focusing on the highest-cost, most complex patient groups in Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and commercial HMO populations.

“We are committed to finding like-minded partners who want to improve our healthcare system,” added Kao.

“The United States has the best hospitals, doctors and technology in the world, yet our health system for those needing ‘sick care’ is not efficient. Our model enables integration by creating alignment across all parties so that the consumer’s healthcare experience and clinical outcome both improve. We’ll connect the dots. This is population based management - one patient at a time.”

Robbert Vorhoff, managing director at General Atlantic, said: “Alignment Healthcare’s combination of clinical care coordination and risk management expertise, backed by a proven and extremely talented management team, will propel the company’s rapid growth. We are excited to partner with this visionary company to help health plans and care providers work together to drive greater efficiencies across the US healthcare system.”

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