Anthem hacking highlights healthcare risk of disruption


The recent hacking of health insurer Anthem highlights the fact that the healthcare and public health sector is at risk of disruption, according to Resilient Corporation.

A provider of resilience metrics and solutions, Resilient Corporation highlighted the risk of disruption in its newly released Resilient Score for the healthcare and public health sector.

Based on a scale of 0-4, where 0 is non-existent and 4 is global leader, the Resilient Score is an objective, market-based performance score that represents how well a company, government, institution or community manages its capacity to anticipate disruptions, adapt to events, and create lasting value.

It was found that the healthcare and public health sector has an industry average of 1.22, falling below a market lagging score of 2 and is trending down towards a not resilient score of 1.

Mark Gembicki, chief executive officer (CEO) and chief architect of Resilient Corporation and a leading authority on resiliency metrics, said: "As the Department of Homeland Security acknowledges, the healthcare and public health sector constitutes a significant component of the US economy and a breakdown in the healthcare infrastructure would result in a catastrophic impact to the economy. Therefore the overall resiliency of the sector is critical to the health and well-being of the country."

Gembicki added: "Our analysis shows as a country we have a way to go to improve the resiliency of this critical sector. As we have seen recently with the extensive cyber attack on Anthem that breached the personal information of millions of Americans, information systems is a key area of vulnerability for many organizations globally. When organizations understand their overall resiliency, it makes them better prepared to prevent such attacks and quickly recover when they occur because of their pre-emptive resilient nature."

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