Bermuda headed for ASHRM after healthcare webinar


Healthcare risk management experts from the world’s largest captive domicile will take the industry message to the ASHRM conference in Indianapolis later this month.

A team of more than ten brokers, captive managers and other insurance, regulatory, and associated representatives, led by the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA), will attend the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) event October 18–21.

ASHRM is a membership group of the American Hospital Association (AHA), with nearly 6,000 members representing risk management, patient safety, insurance, law, finance and other related professions.

The BDA will have a Bermuda booth (#724) at the popular ASHRM exhibition, and the agency is also partnering with the Bermuda Society for Healthcare Risk Management (BSHRM) to sponsor a special lunch event for conference attendees, with cyber-risk expert Theresa Payton as keynote speaker.

Payton drew a large audience to hear her talk on cyber issues at June’s Bermuda Captive Conference.

Dyna’s Agnew, and Kimberly Morgan, of Endurance—will also be guest speakers at the ASHRM conference, addressing the topic of future of healthcare risk-management.

The Bermudian presence at the conference follows on from a recent webinar on the value of Bermuda captive insurers to US healthcare organizations.

The hour-long webinar, hosted by the BDA on September 30, detailed the changing landscape of healthcare risk management, particularly in the US, where the 2010 Affordable Care Act and other legislative reform have helped drive renewed interest in the use and creation of Bermuda captive insurance companies.

The presentation, now available for download here, also gave an overview of captives and their benefits, attracting an engaged audience of mostly healthcare-related industry representatives.

Featured panellists included Butch Agnew, vice president, Dyna Management Services; R&Q Quest Management Services’ vice president, Captives, Oceana Yates; and Anne Sousa, senior vice president, Casualty Healthcare, Aon Risk Solutions.

“Our recent webinar highlighted the high level of international interest in the area of healthcare risk management, and provided a great launchpad for our upcoming attendance at ASHRM,” said Jereme Ramsay, business development manager at the BDA.

“Bermuda is a trusted, innovative partner in the healthcare insurance space, with an active reinsurance market that’s able to offer many professional liability excess of loss programmes. It makes our market a one-stop shop for those seeking solutions.”

Healthcare policy changes in recent years, particularly in the US under ObamaCare, have driven amalgamation of hospitals and other healthcare entities and expanded Medicaid coverage to millions more Americans. That trend has created greater demand for healthcare captives to offset the upsurge in potential risks.

Bermuda has about 40 professionals writing healthcare insurance and reinsurance for a full spectrum of entities; the market can also count among its advantages a solid track record of paying claims, access to Bermuda’s behemoth reinsurance market; and capacity in the jurisdiction to write up to $400m for any single risk.

“ASHRM is an important showcase for the Bermuda healthcare market,” agreed Agnew. “It’s only second to RIMS as an annual insurance industry conference that brings together key risk managers, in this case, from major healthcare organizations looking for insurance solutions. Bermuda has a lot to offer and, going forward, its attraction in this sector is only going to grow.”

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