BETA expands its services across the US


BETA expands its services across the US


BETA Healthcare Group (BETA), an insurer of hospital professional liability coverage in California, said that it is expanding its operations into the states of Oregon and Washington.

While having traditionally limited its operations to California healthcare providers, BETA realized demand from within other states for its services and is therefore expanding its operations along the west coast into Oregon and Washington.

BETA’s offerings will include primary healthcare professional liability coverage, excess liability coverage over self-insured retentions and captive programs, third-party claims administration, risk management consulting services and claims consulting services.

“One of the more important business decisions healthcare providers make is how to handle their risk management and risk financing needs,” said Tom Wander, BETA’s CEO.

”Demand for high quality, tailored risk management and risk financing services is on the rise as healthcare providers throughout the country are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the business side of healthcare in today’s environment. Given the flexibility our structure offers, as well as our expertise and financial stability, we fill a need that exists in other states.”


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