BETA Healthcare becomes risk champion in Pacific Northwest


BETA Healthcare becomes risk champion in Pacific Northwest

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BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) has become the sponsor of, and partner with, several leading healthcare risk management organizations on risk management and patient safety education efforts in the Pacific Northwest.

The announcement follows its move October of 2016 when it expanded its operations into the states of Washington and Oregon.

Some of the organisations it has partnered with include the Washington State Hospital Association, the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Healthcare Systems, the Washington Healthcare Risk Management Society, the Oregon Society for Healthcare Risk Management and the Washington Patient Safety Coalition.

BETA was recently invited to present at the Northwest Communication and Resolution Programs (CRP) Leadership Retreat.

“We were honored to be invited by the Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement and the Foundation for Health Care Quality to speak at the CRP Leadership Retreat and share our journey creating and implementing our own CRP, BETA HEART, a holistic approach to responding to preventable harm,” said  Heather Gocke, BETA’s vice president of risk management and safety.

“Our goal at BETA is to create organizations centered on learning in order to prevent medical error from repeating itself and to heal those we have harmed, including patients, families and our valued workforce. It was encouraging to see how interested the attendees of the Retreat were in the work we have done in California and to see how our program could have a positive impact in their own organizations.”

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