Biotheranostics joins Syapse to expand cancer data platform


Biotheranostics joins Syapse to expand cancer data platform


Biotheranostics, a molecular diagnostics provider for cancer, and Syapse, a provider of precision medicine software, plan to integrate data from Biotheranostics’ CancerTYPE ID and Breast Cancer Index genomic tests into the Syapse Precision Medicine Platform.

The software-based service Syapse Precision Medicine Platform is part of Syapse’s Global Partner Program that aims to leverage strong collaborators toward an integrative approach to precision medicine.

The collaboration allows for seamless integration of patient-specific results from Biotheranostics’ proprietary biomarkers that provide molecular profiles for patients with early stage breast cancer and metastatic cancer into the Syapse Precision Medicine Platform.

The platform is used by health systems and cancer care networks, providing decision support to clinicians in the care of cancer patients and enabling health systems to make precision medicine a routine part of cancer care. Syapse is deployed at some of the largest and most prominent healthcare institutions in the US.

Biotheranostics’ Breast Cancer Index helps oncologists make complex decisions about extended endocrine therapy for ER+, early stage breast cancer patients based on its unique ability to predict the risk of late disease recurrence and identify which patients are likely to benefit from continuing adjuvant endocrine therapy beyond five years.

Its CancerTYPE ID is a rigorously validated gene expression-based test for metastatic patients with diagnostic ambiguity. By providing a molecular classification of tumor type, results are used in conjunction with standard clinical and pathological assessment, which may help physicians determine optimal targeted treatment regimens with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

“We are excited to work with Syapse to make our Breast Cancer Index and CancerTYPE ID clinical testing services available to more health systems through the Syapse Precision Medicine Platform. Precision medicine promises to transform healthcare over the next several decades,” said Nicolas Barthelemy, president and chief executive officer of Biotheranostics.

“We are committed to helping physicians find the most effective treatment for each cancer patient based on his or her specific molecular profile. Integrating data from our molecular tests with the Syapse platform will better help physicians harness individualized patient information to extend lives and reduce costs.”

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