BridgeHead Software partners with AbedGraham


BridgeHead Software partners with AbedGraham

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BridgeHead Software, a provider of health data management solutions, has partnered with IT advisory and technology firm AbedGraham to co-develop offerings.

AbedGraham will support BridgeHead Software with tailoring its software solutions to further meet the needs of clinicians and, ultimately, patients.

The aim of the partnership is to maximise patient safety through the release of new technology, while minimising clinical risk, according to Jim Beagle, the president and chief executive officer of BridgeHead Software.

Beagle suggested that the move will benefit BridgeHead’s commercial footprint in the long term, and that AbedGraham’s expertise will help the firm to prepare and capitalise on the growing market potential presented by national policy guidelines.

Beagle said governments are bolstering their drive towards digitisation, making reference to the UK and US. He suggested that they are exploring e-health initiatives and launching measures that further integrate health and social care against a backdrop of increased funding pressures.

As part of this partnership, Saif Abed, the co-founder of AbedGraham, will take on the role of clinical safety officer for BridgeHead Software.

Abed, highlighting Britain’s market as an example, said: “The UK’s healthcare environment is on the cusp of major change. The ending of national contracts, the joining up of health and social care, patient access to records, paperless and integrated care all present considerable opportunity for the right vendors with the right products.”

Beagle added: “The partnership will ensure that BridgeHead Software’s products and services capitalise on the growing market potential presented by national initiatives.”

Abed concluded: “We will work with BridgeHead Software to ensure its products are in line with national policy, but also that they are fine tuned for clinical workflow and user experience.”

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