Buildings risk assessment program launched


Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has launched its new HealthBuildings Risk Assessment program.
The comprehensive program helps hospital stakeholders understand and prioritize the risks associated with the facility, allowing them to increase efficiency and extend the lifecycle of the hospital infrastructure.

In the HealthBuildings assessment, a team of professional engineers and experts look at a facility’s complete critical infrastructure including mechanical, building management system (BMS), electrical, data center power and cooling systems, and security technology.

The assessment provides a detailed, documented roadmap of the risks based on multiple impact levels, such as the effect on patients and the probability of occurrence. It then provides suggestions on the best ways to mitigate these issues and the associated costs, allowing hospital leadership to prioritize and create a performance improvement plan that will result in a safer hospital.

“With the average US hospital being 27 years old and comprising thousands of different components, it’s important to ensure hospital buildings are safe and have the ability to offer uninterrupted care for the long term,” said James Winstead, director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Schneider Electric.

“Schneider Electric’s comprehensive HealthBuildings Risk Assessment program and related services can help mitigate risk and plan for the future, creating a safer and more efficient hospital that aligns with CAPEX and OPEX priorities.”

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