Canon Solutions enhances its Healthcare Information Management plan


Canon Solutions enhances its Healthcare Information Management plan

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Canon Solutions America has unveiled key enhancements to Healthcare Information Management (IM) plan as part of a comprehensive industry white paper, with specific focus on advancing its enterprise print and scan platform.

The updates were the result of research conducted by the Division's Healthcare Advisory Team, which delivers industry research and best practices related to print, document management technology, and workflow optimization to its healthcare clients in collaboration with Patina Solutions.

As the healthcare industry continues to experience unprecedented changes, new technologies and innovations abound to help improve processes, drive standardization, and reduce human error. A critical piece of these changes is the ever-evolving ways in which healthcare leaders are addressing electronic health records (EHR) and system interoperability.

Understanding the need to help its clients adapt to these changes, Canon Solutions America's Healthcare Advisory Team, which officially launched July 1 of 2016, has developed a white paper to educate the industry on the imperative of integrating print and scan architecture.

"As on-ramps and off-ramps to provider information and workflows, print, copy, fax, and scan play a critical role in the success or failure of an IM plan and its ability to enable provider staff in effective patient care," said Valerie Belli, vice president of the Enterprise Managed Services Division at Canon Solutions America. "The challenge is in not recognizing this dependence and therefore not incorporating this architecture as part of the system's IM Plan."

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