Caradigm solution achieves certification


Health IT company Caradigm has achieved certification for Caradigm Provisioning in the FairWarning Ready for Identity Management program.

FairWarning’s program is designed to help hospital customers make better use of their existing investment in IT infrastructure.

Part of Caradigm’s suite of identity and access management solutions for healthcare, Caradigm Provisioning helps healthcare organizations minimize security and compliance risk through role-based management of user identity.

Hospitals using both will be able to more rapidly determine if there is inappropriate access to patient records when they receive alerts and then take actions to remediate the problem.

“Operating Caradigm Provisioning and the FairWarning Platform together has enhanced our organization’s ability to proactively discover, respond to, and mitigate potential security incidents,” said Vincent Berretta, manager of security for Virtua, one of New Jersey’s largest health systems. “As a result, Virtua has been able to further solidify our overall security posture.”

Ralf Klein, vice president, identity and access management, Caradigm, said: “Healthcare organizations are facing unprecedented risks to patient privacy and security, and they’re not fully prepared to manage that risk. Caradigm’s collaboration with FairWarning will give health systems the comprehensive tools they need to quickly pinpoint security issues and take steps to rectify them.”

Shane Whitlatch, FairWarning enterprise vice president, added: “By leveraging identity management investments, healthcare providers are able to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to integrate key user identity data and deliver sustainable compliance through their patient privacy monitoring program.”

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