CareCloud partners with Lightbeam to integrate population health management tools


CareCloud partners with Lightbeam to integrate population health management tools

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CareCloud, the platform for medical groups, has partnered with Lightbeam Health Solutions (Lightbeam) to integrate population health management tools and data analytics into CareCloud’s clinical platform.

With tools built directly into CareCloud’s electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) systems, the solution will help accountable care organizations (ACOs), physician groups and independent practices to gain insights into patient populations, coordinate care, control utilization and improve clinical outcomes all while lowering costs, according to a press release.

Lightbeam’s population health management work helped ACOs deliver $83.8 million in shared savings last year alone.

“Medical groups know the future is in value-based care programs. There's no denying that the transition to payments based on outcomes is complicated,” said Ken Comée, CEO of CareCloud.

“Our community of high-performance medical practices needs a solution that is quick to set up and easy to roll out across physicians in multiple facilities. Lightbeam, with their repeated, demonstrated success in this new payment landscape, will be the perfect partner to help our clients outperform.”

According to the press release, CareCloud’s application platform will be at the core of this partnership, aggregating varied sources of health data to ensure that clinicians have access to a complete patient record and can make quality decisions based on all the relevant information.

Building upon open technology standards and with the capability to connect easily with external applications, CareCloud will enable medical group clients to analyze vast data sets and identify at-risk patients and those in need of proactive intervention across multiple providers and facilities, according to the press release.

Pat Cline, CEO of Lightbeam, said: “Lightbeam is pleased to partner with CareCloud to better enable providers to access actionable patient information at the point of care.

“With this CareCloud partnership, we will deliver a solution that will allow providers to take advantage of new payment methodologies and improve financial outcomes by improving quality and lowering costs for patient populations under value-based payment models.”


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