CareRise launches program for insurers to identify risks before they become claims


CareRise launches program for insurers to identify risks before they become claims

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CareRise, a specialty risk management and ratings company, has launched a new program for insurance carriers designed to identify and address potential risks and liabilities in healthcare facilities before they become claims.

PRE-CLAIM OPTICS consists of a team of licensed adjusters, legal nurses and investigators to flag potential risks and adhere to a formal protocol to address the issue, from investigation to data collection to corrective measures.

PCO is a comprehensive program relying on real-time reporting to deal with incidents, no matter how small, to ensure each one is properly addressed. It was established in conjunction with the renowned third party adjusting firm, Central Claims, which has been providing claims services for 52 years.

"PRE-CLAIMS OPTICS is an early warning system for medical malpractice insurers and the logical next step for the CareRise risk management program. We have taken our patented technology to the next level by working to ensure that incidents and accidents are not merely identified but also managed,” said Tim Goux, founder of CareRise.

“Our hands-on, comprehensive claims process includes screening, coding and archiving of all incidents onsite. The goal is to equip insurance carriers and their respective claims divisions with a much deeper level of data, enabling them with the ability to take any and all necessary action on an adverse event in a vastly more accelerated fashion."

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