Catasys and Health Alliance to expand OnTrak Program


Catasys and Health Alliance to expand OnTrak Program

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Catasys and Health Alliance Medical Plans have announced they are expanding the OnTrak Program to Health Alliance individual and public marketplace plan members in Illinois.

OnTrak provides support and guidance to members struggling with both medical and behavioral conditions, including depression, anxiety and substance use disorders.

"Our goal is to support all of our members to become healthier," said John Beck, Health Alliance vice president and associate chief medical officer. He is also Behavioral Health Committee chairman. 

"We know a portion of our members struggle with medical and behavioral challenges. A little over a year ago, we started offering the OnTrak program to members to give them the support they need. The results have been dramatic. Members have not only gotten healthier and spent less time in the hospital, but are reporting better family relationships, return to activities they enjoy and overall better wellbeing." 

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