CBI Partners with FireMon


Creative Breakthroughs, (CBI), an IT risk management company, has formed a partnership with FireMon, an industry leader in proactive security intelligence solutions.

Delivering solutions based on the FireMon security intelligence platform, CBI will provide real-time visibility into organizations' network security infrastructure, policy effectiveness and underlying IT risk, empowering them with actionable information to strengthen their overall security posture.

"IT risk management is not a point solution, it's based on assessing risk and building a framework for making informed, intelligent decisions and enacting timely security to protect an organization's network and data," said Steve Barone, chief executive officer of CBI.

"FireMon is a foundational solution in ensuring our customers have tight controls over their network and assisting them in eliminating vulnerabilities while reducing operational and compliance costs."

Creative Breakthroughs, FireMon, US