Cigna adds digital platforms to expand behavioral health offerings


Cigna adds digital platforms to expand behavioral health offerings


Health insurer Cigna has added the evidence-based digital platforms of technology companies Happify Health and Prevail Health to expand its behavioral health offerings.

The collaboration is aimed at promoting the mental well-being of its beneficiaries while offering them ways to cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

Beginning January 2019, Happify and iPrevail will be available to employers as part of the Cigna Total Behavioral Health program.

Happify supports emotional health needs across the continuum from well-being and prevention to diagnosable mental health conditions.

iPrevail provides on-demand support with trained peers and wellness coaches using a private chat platform for people experiencing stress and other related challenges. The digital platform also offers personalized mental health care guidance for people with depression, substance use disorder and other issues.

“We are continuing to expand and evolve our behavioral health solutions to support the wide and varying mental well-being needs of the people we serve,” said Julie McCarter, vice president, product solutions at Cigna. “It’s our hope these new digital tools will help empower people to actively engage in their mental health, and make it easier to get support when they need it.”

Scott Josephs, national medical officer at Cigna, added: “By enhancing the connection between mind and body, we can help people prevent serious health conditions and improve overall health and well-being. We put the individual customer at the center of everything we do, and will continue to focus on delivering personalized tools and services to support the whole person in a simple and meaningful way.”

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