Cigna and CVS team up to launch Cigna Health Works


Cigna and CVS team up to launch Cigna Health Works

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Cigna Corporation has entered a partnership with CVS Health to launch a new model, Cigna Health Works, which provides patients with affordable, convenient access to pharmacy and healthcare.

The partnership will align Cigna-administered health benefits with CVS Pharmacy and CVS MinuteClinic retail health care services to deliver a consumer-friendly experience for Cigna self-funded employer-sponsored health plans, the company said.

"Cigna Health Works flips the traditional health care experience on its head to help make health benefits more effective, affordable and user-friendly," said Michele Paige, vice president and general manager of Cigna Onsite Health.

"This new model is based on how the customer wants to consume health care -- it's about creating value and a new way for health care consumers to get more from their health plan, by ensuring that we are there for them at the places they prefer to go for convenient care."

Helena Foulkes, president of CVS Pharmacy, added: "This new level of collaboration with Cigna is a part of the growing trend toward consumer-directed care. By providing information and cues for CVS customers and patients to help them get the most from their Cigna-administered health benefits, we also help them improve their health and reduce their health care costs in a way that's easy and convenient."

According to Paige, Cigna Health Works provides both the opportunity to improve health care quality, while reducing employer and individual health care costs as well as potential gaps in care.

"As the popularity of retail health care continues to rise, Cigna Health Works is designed to help improve health care quality and address potential gaps in care. In some markets, up to one-third of Cigna customers have used some form of retail health care within a year's time," Paige said.

"By connecting all constituents in the care continuum, Cigna Health Works is designed to close potential gaps and improve the quality of care our customers receive," she added.

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