Clarifire expands to healthcare industry


Workflow automation technology provider, Clarifire, has launched two pilots of its new product Clarifire Health.

The pilots, performed in partnership with one of the largest Florida healthcare providers, will test intake processes and associated workflow as well as a mobile app that will be used by nurse managers when rounding with patients.

Both pilots are designed to standardize patient care and improve patient satisfaction, risk management, and compliance. The solution will provide healthcare administrators with a unified view of services from intake to discharge, to better manage resources, be more responsive to patients, and foster accountability throughout the enterprise.

“Players in the healthcare industry have been clamoring for us to provide industry-specific features that address their pain points,” said Clarifire’s CEO Jane Mason. “It made sense to expand into that sector because it has so many moving parts. We are honored to be on the cutting edge of standardizing patient care and know healthcare providers will realize tangible and intangible benefits from our technology.”

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