Clarity Group renews partnership with NRHA


Clarity Group has renewed its partnership with the National Rural Health Association (NRHA). The relationship reflects a joint mission between Clarity and NRHA to provide innovative and practical risk, quality and safety education and management tools to the small and rural healthcare market.

"Our partnership with NRHA reflects our commitment to small and rural healthcare and supports our steadfast belief that this segment of the healthcare delivery system is dedicated to providing high quality services with patient safety at their core," said Anna Marie Hajek, president and CEO of Clarity Group.

"Small and rural communities everywhere are constantly working to become more efficient and to improve their patient safety and quality of care. By continuing our relationship with NRHA, Clarity can ensure that they have access to the education and tools they need to do that."

Through its partnership with NRHA, Clarity is able to use a variety of methods to reach deeper into small and rural healthcare. These methods include hosting webinars, presenting at NRHA conferences and providing the NRHA members with educational resources such as white papers and tool kits.

The partnership has also led to the rapid growth of Clarity's national Benchmark for Excellence in Patient Safety (BFEPS) program. This is the first patient safety and quality benchmarking program specifically for healthcare organizations with fewer than 100 beds. Clarity developed BFEPS to give its rural clients the means to benchmark with their peers and to share patient safety best practices.

The BFEPS program, now in its third year, has created an ever-growing database of patient safety data. The data is collected through Clarity's Healthcare SafetyZone Portal (Portal), a web-based tool for the collection and analysis of safety and quality events. Each participating organization uses the Portal and has access to BFEPS at no additional cost.

Program participants receive Quarterly Comparative Reports that offer institution, state and national-level comparisons and allow the participants to identify trends and implement measures that reduce risk. Quarterly educational webinars supplement the reports to facilitate learning and sharing of best practices among participants.

Current BFEPS membership includes 64 hospitals from 12 states. Bolstered by its partnership with NRHA, Clarity expects continued growth in the program.

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