Compliancy Group launches HIPAA compliance solution for state counties


Compliancy Group, creators of cloud-based compliance tracking solution The Guard, have launched a special HIPAA compliance program for state, county, and local government entities.

Many of Iowa counties have already enrolled and chosen Compliancy Group to assist them in their compliance efforts.

“We reviewed various options but found The Guard to be the only total solution in the market. The compliance coaching and functionality simplified our compliance efforts. Other solutions we considered were more than twice the price for half the functionality,” said Ryan Eaton, Jasper County, Iowa.

The newly offered program was designed to address the unique state and HIPAA compliance challenges counties have to face.

Although the regulation is the same for all entities, state and local governments often have a combination of needs: mental health, police and courthouses interact with PHI in non-traditional covered entity definitions.

The Guard web-based platform addresses the total compliance challenge. The compliance tracking solution includes all required audits, remediation plans, policies, procedures, training, business associate, and incident management requirements for single and multi-site applications.

“Organizations, county or for-profit, deserve a cost-effective easy-to-deploy solution that allows them to focus on their core business and be confident that they are addressing their HIPAA compliance needs,” said Marc Haskelson, chief executive officer of Compliancy Group.

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