Connecticut Occupational Medicine Partners and UL EHS implement PureOHS software


Connecticut Occupational Medicine Partners and UL EHS implement PureOHS software


Connecticut Occupational Medicine Partners (COMPs) has partnered with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) EHS to streamline client medical record-keeping and regulatory compliance through the implementation of new software.

UL EHS Sustainability's PureOHS software, a health medical system, simplifies medical surveillance, OSHA logging, and case management, according to a press release.

PureOHS allows staff at COMP’s seven occupational health clinics serving over 2,000 employers to vastly improve clinic workflows and securely access electronic data records anytime, from anywhere, the press release added.

“UL designed PureOHS from the employer perspective,” said Joe Harmon, director of product management at UL EHS Sustainability.

“While we’ve attached it to our clinic software to automate the communication between clinics and their employers, its real purpose is to manage that information to solve problems for the employer.”

Derrick Amato, CEO of COMP, said: “PureOHS is a vital technological extension to COMP’s physical solutions. Rather than attaching an email, downloading a document, or typing data into another system, staff at COMP network clinics can now supply the information directly into their full employee health system. So, not only are both of our processes more efficient and managed better, but our communications are more meaningful.”

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