Contra Costa implements Pavisse


Contra Costa Health Services, a non-profit, county-based healthcare system in California, is implementing Pavisse technology to monitor and ensure patient safety.

Contra Costa is deploying the Pavisse system wide to help improve patient, visitor and staff safety by streamlining peer review and other processes.

One of the facilities implementing Pavisse is acute-care Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, the county’s public hospital. The hospital is a modern facility with 166 beds and nine surgery suites that supports more than 500,000 outpatients annually.

Pavisse, developed by RGP Healthcare, is a new, comprehensive patient safety and peer review solution designed to help hospitals manage adverse events and other compliance-related functions across the enterprise.

“Quality of care and safety are our top priorities at Contra Costa Health Services,” said Anna Roth, chief executive officer at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers. “We selected Pavisse to help us reduce delays in recording patient information, improve monitoring initiatives, efficiently analyze quality issues, and curtail risks associated with legal liability and financial loss.”

“Contra Costa Health Services is a premier county health system in California,” said RGP Healthcare president Radgia Cook. “We are truly honored they chose Pavisse, and we are delighted to partner with them in enhancing patient care.”

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