Critical Alert releases HIPAA-compliant text messaging and paging


Critical Alert Systems, a provider of paging and mobile messaging solutions, has launched its new Critical Alert Secure Texting (CAST) and paging app designed to work with smartphones.

The CAST system enables two-way, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant communications between web-enabled iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, as well as computers running Windows 7 or 8. CAST can operate as a fully functional stand-alone system or in conjunction with existing operator consoles, messaging software, or paging systems. It is scheduled for availability in the early-to-mid first quarter of 2016.

"Healthcare organizations of all sizes have rapidly adopted smartphones and tablets to help improve patient care and communications between internal staff and external partners," said Dan Shaw, senior vice president of messaging operations for Critical Alert Systems. "CAST provides a flexible, economical and easy-to-deploy secure communications solution for both text messages and paging."

CAST allows clinicians and caregivers to instantly share critical patient data in the field when removed from traditional clinical applications and locations.

While smartphones have revolutionized communication in a healthcare setting, they have increased the challenges and risks of maintaining the security of Protected Health Information (PHI) and with meeting complex regulatory requirements. From an IT perspective, CAST enables secure, compliant messaging without placing additional burden or resource requirements on the IT staff and communications infrastructure.

In addition to text messages, CAST can securely send and receive images, video, and voice memos. Pages can be directed to a user's smartphone or tablet, reducing the need to carry an extra communications device or respond to unnecessary clinical interruptions.

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