Crowne launches onsite health centers


Crowne launches onsite health centers


Risk management consultant Crowne Consulting Group has launched onsite and near-site health and wellness centers for employees, retirees, and dependents.

Along with its partners, Crowne’s Florida based team and its medical affiliates are helping employers reduce the cost of typical insurance claims by providing pass-through services without mark-up costs.

According to Crowne, the customised onsite-care programmes help employers save money, while plan members reap the benefits of free and easy access to primary care, screenings, wellness programs, and prescriptions.

Ray Tomlinson, president of Crowne Consulting Group, emphasised that an advanced, patient-centric approach can boost clients’ financial successes.

He said Pasco County Schools is showing major returns since launching onsite care in 2011.

“For the employee, there are no co-pays for the office visit or for most prescriptions,” said Carol MacLeod, chief financial officer at Lake County Schools.

“For the District, every patient visit that is seen by the wellness center instead of another physician saves the District in excess of $150. We have contained our health care cost increases to 2.66 percent per year when trend has been in excess of 9 percent,” she said.

Kurt Browning, superintendent as Pasco County Schools, added: “The District has saved/avoided over $26 million in health and medication expenditures and employees have saved over $4 million in co-pays for office visits and generic medication.

“We estimate that over 90 percent of our insurance eligible employees have used the medical clinics at some point since inception.”

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