DarioHealth launches initiative to lower diabetes costs in Canada


DarioHealth launches initiative to lower diabetes costs in Canada

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Digital health company DarioHealth has teamed up with Auto Control Medical, an A&D Company, and STI Technologies to lower diabetes healthcare costs in Canada.

Through STI's innoviCares card, over 1.5 million Canadians will be able to save on selected prescriptions and healthcare products. The company said that it will works like an insurance card and cover a portion of the cost on many brand name products.

Erez Raphael, chairman and CEO of DarioHealth, said: "STI is more than a prescription reimbursement plan; they support the healthcare system in order to improve health outcomes for Canadian patients, and DarioHealth is excited to collaborate with them and A&D on this new initiative."

Robert Burgy, general manager of Auto Control Medical, said in a joint statement with STI: "We are pleased to announce the addition of Dario products to the innoviCares card. Effective immediately, the innoviCare card will provide financial assistance to customers seeking the Dario Blood Glucose Test Strips when they present their card with a prescription at their pharmacy.

"In addition to savings, we afford customers smart options like setting refill reminders, which ensures they never run out of the Dario test strips. 57 percent of people with diabetes in Canada report high out-of-pocket expenses and we believe this will alleviate some of the cost."

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