DaVita Kidney Care appoints chief medical officer


DaVita Kidney Care appoints chief medical officer

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DaVita Kidney Care, a provider of kidney care services in the US, has hired Dr. Adam Weinstein as vice president of medical affairs, within DaVita's Office of the chief medical officer.

"Dr. Weinstein's extensive background in health care policy and regulation, as well as his wide-spread knowledge in IT brings unparalleled expertise to DaVita," said Allen Nissenson, chief medical officer for DaVita Kidney Care.

"This unique combination will allow Dr. Weinstein to work directly with clinical IT while closely supporting DaVita's physician electronic health record team."

Dr. Weinstein graduated from Franklin and Marshall College and received his MD from the University of Maryland. He is a co-founder of the Kidney Health Center of Maryland and served on the Renal Physicians Association Board of Directors, as well as serving on the Maryland Healthcare Commission.

Prior to working with DaVita, Dr. Weinstein worked in private practice. He has also worked as a vice president with the University of Maryland-Shore Regional Health. He is currently a vice president for medical affairs with clinical IT services at DaVita in addition to serving as a part-time clinical nephrologist in Maryland.

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