ECRI Institute highlights top healthcare tech issues


ECRI Institute has outlined the top ten healthcare technology issues for 2015, from Google Glass to 3-D printing.

The list, available as a free public service, answers key questions on new and emerging health technologies that potentially provide new ways to treat patients, improve care, and reduce costs.

“C-suite leaders need a concise way of seeing where new and emerging health technologies fit, if at all, in their health systems,” said Diane Robertson, director, health technology assessment, ECRI Institute. “Backed by our unbiased, evidence-based research, our annual Watch List helps hospital leaders make technology and infrastructure decisions based on clinical evidence and cost.”

The topics include disinfection robots, middleware, anti-obesity devices and artificial pancreas device systems.

“Hospital leaders must carefully examine their strategic and operational plans, and assess the relevance of these new technologies or infrastructure initiatives for their organizations. Our list shows them what’s coming around the bend so they don’t miss out on the newest innovations or get caught up in hype that can lead to a costly mistake,” added Robert Maliff, director, applied solutions, ECRI Institute.

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