Email security a risk in healthcare


Healthcare is one of the poorest sectors in terms of email security. That is a key finding of the Agari Email TrustIndex, the IT industry's first email security "credit score".

Agari, the provider of a data-driven security solution that makes email safe again, leveraged data from the over one trillion email messages from July through September 2013 to discover which sectors and companies have the highest and lowest risk for dangerous emails. Email remains the number one vector cybercriminals use to launch attacks to enable stealing personal and financial information from consumers and businesses alike.

"Most attacks don't happen because some cybercriminal used complicated methods to gain entry into a network. Most attacks occur because someone made a mistake. With phishing emails, it just takes one person to unwittingly open an attachment or click on a malicious link, and from there, cybercriminals are able to get a foothold," said Patrick Peterson, founder and CEO of Agari.

"Our goal for the TrustIndex is to incite industries across all sectors to take a stand when it comes to email security, not just because they owe the highest level of protection to their customers, but because it makes smart business sense."

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