EXL Analytics’ healthcare performance recognized


The analytics capabilities of EXL Analytics, part of EXL, a business process solutions company, have been recognized in recent reports by three global research firms: Gartner, Everest Group, and HfS Research. Analysts noted EXL Analytics' advanced capabilities and sophisticated industry-specific solutions, especially in healthcare and insurance.

EXL Analytics, an EXL division focused on extracting insights from big data, merges statistical data mining with a consultative approach and modeling tools to help its clients look deeper into their processes and business functions. EXL Analytics creates strategic value for companies, such as minimizing risk, boosting operational efficiency, creating regulatory compliance frameworks, simplifying supply chains, and identifying new channels for growth and profitability.

"EXL's clients have been delighted with our advanced analytics services for the insurance, healthcare and banking industries since 2006," said Vivek Jetley, senior vice president and co-head EXL Analytics. "We integrate analytics into all of our business process and technology solutions to provide our clients with greater insight into their businesses. I am very pleased to see the recognition of our top notch analytics capabilities in these recent reports by leading global research firms."

In ‘Analytics Business Process Services Deciphering the Analytics Code,’ Everest Group analysts organized the landscape of analytics services providers into two major categories: providers that offer business process outsourcing and specialists in analytics services. EXL was the only large business process solutions provider with more than 40% of their analytics team engaged in predictive and prescriptive analytics, indicating an increased level of solution sophistication.

EXL Analytics was recognized as a ‘High Performer’ in the HfS Blueprint for Enterprise Analytics Services. HfS analyst Reetika Joshi said that EXL is a one of three providers that "have built strong industry-specific analytics capabilities, especially in the high-end analytics modeling service area. They bring clients in the insurance, healthcare, and banking verticals innovations through their vision for analytics in these industries. Examples include comprehensive analytics offerings in areas such as risk management and regulatory compliance." Joshi also noted that "EXL demonstrated one of the strongest industry-specific analytics capabilities in our study."

Another dimension to EXL's analytic capabilities was recognized by the mention of EXL Landa's Utilization Management dashboard in the Showcase for Best Practices in Dashboard Design for Healthcare Payers, published by Gartner on November 27, 2013. The Utilization Management dashboard is part of CareRadius, EXL's care management platform for healthcare payers and providers.

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