FairWarning for Salesforce enjoys rapid uptake for HIPAA compliance


FairWarning’s next generation of FairWarning for Salesforce is successful because it enables healthcare providers using Salesforce Health Cloud to rapidly apply best practices to user activity monitoring and key elements of the HIPAA Protocol. 

That is the view of FairWarning’s chief executive officer (CEO) Kurt Long. 

“FairWarning patient privacy solutions are used by more than 7,400 healthcare facilities across the world and support more than 300 healthcare applications,” said Long. “Leveraging our healthcare expertise, we have worked closely with Salesforce over the past 18 months to develop a solution that enables Salesforce customers to rapidly apply best practices to user activity monitoring and the key elements of the HIPAA protocol. 

“Many of the protocols, which are focused on the management process and audit controls for applications containing PHI, are problematic if not impossible to address without FairWarning. 

“Now, by using a combination of Salesforce Shield or event monitoring and FairWarning for Salesforce, healthcare organizations implementing Salesforce Health Cloud can trust that their PHI is protected – mitigating risk and ensuring compliance.”

FairWarning recently announced its next generation FairWarning for Salesforce solution to provide Salesforce customers with an easy-to-install, easy-to-understand solution to manage data protection and governance from anywhere, anytime. 

Customers in any regulated industry can use FairWarning’s cloud-based data protection and regulatory compliance solution to proactively protect sensitive investor, consumer, patient and customer information held in Salesforce, as well as comply with PCI, HIPAA and other industry regulations.

FairWarning, Kurt Long, US