Fitbit unveils new platform for health care plans; partners with Humana


Fitbit unveils new platform for health care plans; partners with Humana

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Fitbit has launched a new connected health platform Fitbit Care that provides health coaching and virtual care aimed at improving wellness, disease management and prevention.

The wearable technology company has also expanded its partnership, which began in 2013, with health insurer Humana. "Through this partnership, more than 5 million Humana members will have the potential to access Fitbit wellness solutions or health coaching," Fitbit said in a statement.

The health coaching solution from Fitbit Care will provide Humana members across the US with the support and guidance to help members make the lifestyle changes necessary to better manage chronic and complex diseases, while creating stronger connections between the participants and entire care team.

Adam Pellegrini, general manager of Fitbit Health Solutions, said: “With healthcare costs and rates of chronic disease increasing, there is a clear need for innovative tools and services to help people make the lifestyle and behavior changes necessary to reverse this trend.”

“With the introduction of Fitbit Care, we continue to expand our healthcare offerings with a new, bundled subscription offering that can help improve outcomes for some of the most common and costly conditions in healthcare, such as diabetes and hypertension," he added.

"Expanding our partnership with Humana allows us to accelerate our common goal of helping more people get and stay healthy, and I'm confident that together we can help drive better health outcomes,” Pellegrini said.

Jeff Reid, Humana’s senior vice president of Wellness Solutions, commented: “Working with Fitbit, we have been able to provide our members with wearable devices, data and insights they can use to achieve their best health and wellness.

"By adding Fitbit Care’s new health coaching capabilities, we can offer even more personalized, meaningful support to our members who are focused on specific health goals, such as smoking cessation or weight loss, or the management or prevention of chronic conditions. Fitbit’s intuitive technology and human coaches are powerful tools to engage and motivate members, creating more frequent, convenient touch-points that support our members beyond the walls of a doctor’s office.”

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